About Me

Trudy Morrision, comedy writer, copy-editor, proofreaderMy name is Trudy Morrison and The Definite Article is my copy-editing and proofreading business.

I live just on the right side of the Anglo–Scottish border, the side that enjoys haggis and shouting “Freedom!” upon throwing open the curtains in the morning. I have a wonderful view of the Cheviots from my window which can be both inspiration and timely distraction.

I trained as a copy-editor fifteen years ago. My corporate work has a heavy emphasis on law, drawing on my experience at a City law firm (specialising in company commercial, litigation and employment law) and with several police authorities (criminal law). Recently — a sign of the times perhaps? — a lot of my time has been taken up with proofing investigative reports into irregularities within the banking industry.

I write and edit scripts (comedy) for television, theatre and radio, and a number of my sitcoms have been well received by the BBC who say I have a “natural ear for dialogue”. Paul Mayhew-Archer (script editor and producer of Radio 4′s Old Harry’s Game and co-writer of The Vicar of Dibley, amongst others) has said that one of my scenes is “a moment of comedy genius”. While I might not be able to dine out on this anecdote, it has on occasion scored me a cup of weak coffee and a Rich Tea biscuit.

I’m currently chipping away at a novel about what happens when the world of organised crime enters stage left the world of amateur dramatics. I imagine the blurb on the book jacket to read:

 “A hilarious crime caper” — Fisherman’s Weekly

This doesn’t bother me as much as it probably should.