v. editing (text) by checking its consistency and accuracy.

dictionaryEssentially, my job as a copy-editor is all about taking your text and ensuring it meets a publishable standard.

Using the Track Changes feature of Microsoft Word, I will:

  • correct errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • correct any style and formatting issues
  • ensure material conforms to a house style (if any)
  • flag any inconsistencies and/or omissions
  • identify areas that may require rewording
  • ensure text flows with logic and clarity
  • maintain your voice as the author

Copy-editing varies in scope depending on your needs. I offer light editing to those looking to improve a few awkward sentences, and more comprehensive support and guidance to less experienced writers. It’s all about collaboration. I work with you, making sure your words are heard in your voice.

Why use a copy-editor?

Well, think of me as an extra pair of eyes. No matter how good a writer you are, there comes a point in every project when you simply stop seeing the text. A fresh eye can round up those invisible typos, grammatical slip-ups, plot holes and lost threads before your project hits the desk of that all-important CEO, agent, commissioning editor or Kindle customer.

While bypassing the copy-editing stage and heading straight for proofreading may seem an attractive option from a financial point of view, it can often prove to be a missed opportunity. Consider this: the copy-editor may be the only other person to read your work end to end for sense before it’s published. Sobering, isn’t it?

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Please get in touch to discuss your project or if you have any questions. It would be helpful to send a short sample of your work (no more than ten pages), so I can assess your style and what level of editing you require.

NB: Please note that I do not offer copy-editing for theses and dissertations. However, students may take advantage of special proofreading rates.

independent AUTHOR testimonial:


Germain Helen Hypher, AuthorI would whole-heartedly recommend Trudy to anyone looking for a thorough and professional approach to copy-editing or proofreading. Her natural ear for the flow and rhythm of the English language and her knowledge of grammar and punctuation is faultless. Trudy works with the text entrusted to her to help it speak more powerfully and coherently for itself, without treading on the author’s toes or restricting their personal voice. Her sense of fun combined with a professional, no-nonsense approach results in an efficient and rewarding relationship between writer and editor.

— Germaine Helen Hypher, Sunshine in a Bag, A Vegetarian Family’s World Tour