v. read (printer’s proofs or other material) and mark any errors. 

The Definite Article_croppedYou know, proofreading is not just about apostrophes, although it’s true to say evicting an apostrophe squatting in the wrong place is one of life’s joys. No, it’s about credibility — yours. No document, dissertation or manuscript should ever be submitted without first going through a professional proofread. Typos and grammatical gaffs are off-putting for a reader, as are inconsistencies in spelling and punctuation. If these small things aren’t right, then a reader may doubt the integrity of your content as a whole.

I proofread either on-screen (Microsoft Track Changes) or hard copy (BSI mark-up), blind or against copy. I’m on the look out for:

  • errors of spelling, punctuation and grammar 
  • inconsistencies in style and formatting
  • non-conformity to house style (if any)

Why use a proofreader?

No matter how many times you’ve read your work, there will still be obvious errors that you’ve missed; hell, sometimes you simply may not realise that you’ve made a mistake! You need a trained eye and detachment from the text to ensure that everything is picked up. Luckily, I am in possession of both  

and can swiftly put things right. With the phenomenal rise of self-publishing and self-generated web copy, everyone is jostling for space in a crowded market. Make sure you stand out by employing the services of a professional proofreader; it may well give you the edge you need.

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NB:  Special rate for students.



NJC Logo newI have used the services of Trudy Morrison on many occasions and I can say without any hesitation that she is, undoubtedly, an absolute perfectionist. The work she produces is exemplary; where a written piece may look well put together, once Trudy has proofed and edited it, it becomes a document you can have absolute confidence in. I genuinely recommend Trudy’s services; you will have to go a remarkably long way to find anyone better in this field.

— Nicola Clark, Proprietor, NJC Secretarial